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Kloverpoint Makes it Easier to Share Published Content


Kloverpoint releaes new tools to share published content on various social networking sites, leveraging the power of the social networking realm to increase awareness and exposure of its published content.


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (May 28, 2012) – Kloverpoint Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new tool to share and post Kloverpoint published content on other social networking sites.

The Internet continues to be the most popular source of searching for and finding information from the past and the present. Many consumers make their purchasing decisions by searching for information and learning more about future business and technology trends via the world-wide-web. Others simply search for the next “latest and greatest deal”. There is no question that access to and use of the Internet is ever expanding from the traditional desktop and laptop, to more mobile friendly and portable devices such as netbooks, ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones. Yet, many small businesses are still not connected “online”.

“Kloverpoint was designed to help our users quickly and easily publish their content so that it could be available on the Internet,” says Bruce Kwan, President and CEO of Kloverpoint Technologies. “Since so many people are connected to the Internet, if you’re a small business that is not connected online, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to promote and advertise your business and acquire more customers”, says Kwan.

Although having an Internet presence can be beneficial to many small businesses, opportunities to maximize online exposure require leveraging the use of the ever growing and popular worldwide communication tool we know as Social Networking. “Social Networking sites help spread awareness directly and indirectly. If our users are creating and publishing content, it only makes sense to have a tool available that could quickly and easily post that content to various social networking sites and garner more exposure”, says Kwan.

In addition to sharing and posting Kloverpoint published content to various social networks, Kloverpoint users and viewers of the content can print the content and email direct links to the content with the new sharing tool.

To learn more about Kloverpoint’s new sharing tool, please visit http://www.kloverpoint.com.


About Kloverpoint Technologies

Located on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, Kloverpoint is committed to creating, and delivering software technologies and online Internet solutions. Kloverpoint is designed to make your life a little easier when it comes to publishing content and increasing productivity while on the move, or if you simply want to stay connected anytime, anywhere through social networking and social collaboration.


Bruce Kwan
Marketing & Communications

Kloverpoint Technologies Inc.
Email: pr@kloverpoint.com




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