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Kloverpoint Releases Advanced Privacy and Access Controls


Access controls and Advanced Privacy features add more power to social collaboration through Kloverpoint.


Victoria, British Columbia (January 2, 2012) – Kloverpoint Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its Advanced Privacy functionality giving its registered members more control over who can access their published content.

Social collaboration requires interaction with various groups and people, however, certain content that is published and shared on the Internet can be more sensitive than other content that would require some form of privacy or access controls from being viewed by the general public.

Kloverpoint is designed to allow its members to publish their content anytime and anywhere. “Our web solution and Internet tools are designed to give our users the freedom and flexibility to easily and quickly publish their content to Kloverpoint web pages and photo galleries, with the power to grant certain people or groups access to view the content”, says Bruce Kwan, President and CEO of Kloverpoint Technologies. “With Advanced Privacy functionality, our registered users have full control over their published content and how they can interact with other members through social collaboration with Kloverpoint”, says Kwan.

To learn more about social collaboration through Kloverpoint, please visit http://www.kloverpoint.com.


About Kloverpoint Technologies

Located on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, Kloverpoint is committed to creating, and delivering software technologies and online Internet solutions designed to make your life a little easier when it comes to increasing productivity while on the move, or if you simply want to stay connected anytime, anywhere through social collaboration.



Bruce Kwan
Marketing & Communications
Kloverpoint Technologies Inc.
Email: pr@kloverpoint.com



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