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Gym Locations

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Arbutus School - 2306 Edgelow Road off of Gordon Head Road (entrance/gym from parking lot).
Cedar Hill School - 3910 Cedar Hill Road (parking lot/gym is on SW side).
Colquitz School - 505 Dumeresq St.
Commonwealth Place - 4636 Elk Lake Drive (gym is to right of entrance).
Lansdowne School - 1765 Lansdowne Road (entrance/gym on NW side).
Mt.Doug School - 3970 Gordon Head Road (parking lot/gym is on NE and NW side).
Pacific Christian High School - 654 Agnes Street (gym is downstairs to the right).
Reynold's School - 3963 Borden Street (enter through doors on SE side, go down hallway and to the right).
Royal Oak School - 751 Travino Lane (enter through gym doors NW side, down by outdoor basketball courts).
Spectrum School - 957 Burnside Road West (enter through glass doors by parking lot, walk through first gym to the second gym).
St.Andrew's School - 880 Mckenzie Ave (enter through gym doors on SE side).

St.Margaret's School - 1080 Lucas Ave (gym on SE corner by parking lot).





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