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Topspin Indoor Volleyball League 2019/2020
The largest indoor volleyball league in Victoria for recreational and competitive players


Register as a team $600 or $100 as a single.

2019 Fall Session: September 13 - December 13 (Currently Full)

2020 Winter Session: January 10 - April 17 (Currently Full)

The indoor schedule will be posted on the Wednesday before league night. Please check the site again on Friday for any changes and make sure to click "refresh" on your web browser.


Indoor Rules          Message to Captains         Gym Locations        Tournaments


Make sure NO SMOKING, ALCOHOL and DRUGS on school grounds!


CancellationsNo games March 20, March 27 (unless it's a make up night) and April 10.


Schedule for January 24th

*Use our league balls for play

*If you challenge results and are wrong, you will get dropped an addtional pool, if you are right, you get a Topspin shirt (one shirt per challenge/team)

*Royal Oak School-Make sure you enter and exit through gym doors only and not through main doors. Do not go upstairs at all!!




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Pools: A & H
Location: Spectrum
Gym Organizer: Bruce
"H" Pool Time:  635pm-825pm
1 Empire Spikes Back (Lindsey Sweet)
2 We Scream During Sets (Dean Hore)
3 Bump, Set, Psych (Carl Chambers)
4 How I Set Your Mother (Cindy Mabee)
5 Bump and Grind (Devin Pettepiece)
"A" Pool Time:  830pm-1020pm
1 Placement Killers (Mara Duong)
2 Vintage (Bruce Kwan)
3 Anonymous (James Choi)
4 To Kill a Blocking Nerd (Ken Dunlop)
5 Inappropriate Touches (Andrew Brix)


Pools: B & C
Location: Royal Oak
Gym Organizer: Fuji
"C" Pool Time:  635-825pm
1 Roger That (Rod Rocheleau)
2 KONGress (Amy Cripps)
3 Huge Tips (Jesse Locke)
4 Old Schooled (Bruce Thomas)
5 Okay Sets (Andrew Flaro)
"B" Pool Time:  830-1020pm
1 All Sets Are Off (Mickayla Beckett)
2 Saki Bomb (Austin Joe)
3 Crank 'n Shank (Jim Peng)
4 Back To The Future (Pheaktra Sokema)
5 Smooth Moves (Ron Mallon)


Pools: D & G
Location: Mt.Doug
Gym Organizer: Les
"D" Pool Time: 635pm-825pm
1 Safe Sets (Jill O'Neil)
2 Spikes Hard Lemonade (Steve Salloum)
3 Sets In The City (Ron Ngai)
4 Smoking Kills (Laurence Bowdige)
5 Victorious Secret (Vicki Rehaume)
"G" Pool Time: 830pm-1020pm
1 Chingu (Megz Batocabe)
2 That's What She Set (Shelby Davies)
3 Mission Unblockable (Jessica Nguyen)
4 Attack Pack (Britt Van Bruggen)
5 Julian's Team (Julian Remedios)


Pools: E & F
Location: Lansdowne
Gym Organizer: Scott/Don
"E" Pool Time:  635-825pm
1 Chewblocka (Kyle Chow)
2 Service Points FTW (Joel Roediger)
3 Mother Truckers (Scott Beddall)
4 Setting Ducks (Rita Findlay)
5 Escape Goats (Morgan Teskey)
"F" Pool Time:  830-1020pm
1 It's a Set Up (Carlo Vijandre)
2 Dig Crushers (John Reid)
3 Team 9 (Walker Welsh)
4 MispHits (Chris Gregory)
5 Block Party (Bernard Tso)


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As a condition of playing in any TopSpin Volleyball organized league, each player assumes all risk of personal injury or property loss resulting from any cause whatsoever including but not limited to playing the sport of volleyball or participating in any sporting event held by TopSpin Volleyball Association. Each player agrees that TopSpin Volleyball Association shall not be held liable for any such personal injury or property loss and releases TopSpin Volleyball Association and its employees, agents, representatives, sponsors, successors and assigns from and against any and all claims that he/she may have against TopSpin Volleyball Association. By participating in any Topspin Volleyball event, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this Waiver/Disclaimer.




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