What Text Editors Are Available for Each Kloverpoint Account?

Answer: The type of Text Editor available will depend on the type of Kloverpoint account you have.

i) Kloverpoint Free Account users will have a text editor with limited features and functionality:

Free Account Text Editor toolbar


The Free Account Text Editor includes the following features and functionality:

  • Format of the text
  • Bold and Italics
  • Numbering and bullets
  • Text or image Link/Unlink options
  • Insert photo/image

ii) Kloverpoint Power Account users will have a text editor with more options, features, and functionality:

Power Account Text Editor toolbar

iii) Kloverpoint Pro and Ultimate Account users will have a text editor will all the options, features, and functionality currently available:

Pro & Ultimate Account Text Editor toolbar
For a full list of the options, features & functionality of each Kloverpoint account type, please CLICK HERE