Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some help topics and tips to help you create your kloverpoint web pages.


How do you create a snippet of the kloverpoint webpage that is displayed as a summary by search engines?

Many search engines display a summary below the title of the web page or web site result. The content of the summary is typically generated from a portion or trimmed value of the text that is displayed on a web page. kloverpoint web page creator allows you to customize the search result summary by adding content to the "webpage summary". 

Edit the webpage summary with the following steps:

1. Add a new Webpage or edit an existing Webpage

2. In the Webpage Body section, click on "Edit summary" 

3. Type the text that you would like to display in the search result summary

4. Click "Save"

How do you set a background color for a kloverpoint web page?

Here are the steps to create a kloverpoint web page or web page block with a colored background:

  • Click on the "Source" icon in the text editor
  • Insert the following code: <div style="color:#000000; background-color: #929292;background-position: center;padding:25px;background-width:100%;background-height:100%;"></div>
  • Click "Save"

In the above code, the text font color is set to black by default (color:#000000). If you would like to set your own text font color, simply highlight the text and select your color choice by clicking on the font color button in the text editor toolbar.

Background color is determined with "background-color: #929292". The hex color code "#929292" has been inserted for example purposes. Simply insert the hex color code of your choice.

Can you customize the layout of a kloverpoint Webpage?

kloverpoint web page creator currently offers 8 Webpage layouts that can be added as separate paragraphs so that you can fully customize and design your Webpage.

To add a Paragraph type, click on the drop-down arrow to display the Paragraph format types:

From the list of available Paragraph format types, simply click on the format type that you would like to add.